Join the MSMP 2014 Bridge Pedal Team and come see the winner of the Battle of the Doctor Bands at the Bite!

Improve the health of the community together.

Go to the Providence Bridge Pedal registration page and use the following code to sign up with our team: PBP588TEAM

  Medical Society Team T-shirts will be provided gratis for anyone who signs up with our group.  Information on how to receive your Team t-shirt prior to the race will be posted soon!!

Bodb_winnerJoin MSMP and The Doctors Company in celebrating the winner of the first annual Battle of the Doctor Bands at the Bite of Oregon. The band, “Love You Longtime”,  will perform August 10th at 10am on the Garden Stage at The Bite of Oregon, also benefiting Oregon Special Olympics. Admission to the Bite is $5.00 unless you are riding with MSMP team in the Providence Bridge Pedal then it's FREE ADMISSION.

Please email Eddy@msmp.org or call 503-222-9977 with questions or if you have trouble signing up wih our team.

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